4.1 miles

It’s only 4.1 miles from Lesbos to Turkey. A short distance. People run 4.1 miles as a warm up. But over 226 refugees have died so far in 2017 trying to cross the Mediterranean.

So what are we doing about it? Instead of welcoming these refugees with open arms, taking them into our community and providing them with safety and security, Trump banned them. He went against the very principles of America-being a welcoming place for all. How could someone be so narrow minded and cruel? Honestly, I wonder that almost every day now. I find myself signing so many more petitions, calling my representatives, writing “strongly worded emails”to them. I marched in the Women’s March proudly sporting my “Nasty Woman” shirt (benefitting Planned Parenthood), my rainbow pin and “y’all means all” pin and chanted that my rights are not up for grabs. After someone stole my Hillary Clinton sticker from my car, I slapped a new one on. I bought more pins that benefitted the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. I never imagined a world where I had to fight back against a world that doesn’t support myself or my beliefs. Every single day I feel like I have to stand up to a government that, quite frankly, doesn’t care. And it breaks my heart.

Tonight the Oscars honored “The White Helmets” (discussed in a previous post “to save a life is to save all of mankind”). I suggest that everyone watches the documentary. And buys a couple boxes of kleenex before. Another great documentary that was nominated is “4.1 miles”. The 4.1 miles between Lesbos and Turkey. That documentary broke my heart. I remembered my feelings as I silently walked through the “life jacket necropolis” in Lesbos, realizing that some of the life jackets might have belonged to the refugees shown in the documentary, those that made it and those that lost their lives. The documentary perfectly and beautifully shows the chaotic mix that goes into saving lives. It shows the real people behind the scenes who go out into storms to rescue and save the lives of those trying to cross the 4.1 miles. Attached is a link to view the short documentary “4.1 miles”.



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